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Testing Day with UCLAN Students

As part of our work on our brand new title, Champions Elite Football, we invited Game Design students from the nearby University of Central Lancashire to visit our studio and playtest the beta version of the game.

8 students came along to our offices with their lecturer, both to try out an early version of Champions Elite Football and get a taste of how we work as an independent games studio. The students were treated to a quick talk from our COO & CFO Max Lowe, before being given a run-through on Champions Elite Football and then playtesting it, all whilst leaving live feedback for us.

User feedback has been placed at the heart of our development plans for Champions Elite Football. Our roadmap for the rest of the game’s development is being structured around what our users are saying, from both internal playtests and from our wider community who have been given early access to the game. This testing day was a huge part of this strategy and the students gave us some valuable insights that are already being worked into our plans going forward.

As well as coming to test the game, the students were also keen to learn about life in the gaming industry. We had members of staff from across all of our departments on hand to help gather their feedback and to answer any questions that they might have. We’re incredibly proud of our Preston roots, with many of our staff being UCLAN alumni themselves, so being able to work with the university to help their students with their studies is an opportunity that we’re hugely grateful for and hope to continue our relationship with them going forwards.