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Meet Alex, product Owner

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we sat down with Alex Martin, Product Owner for our flagship title Soccer Manager 2024! Product Owners are at the heart of our games and are responsible for steering their development, from the design stage, all the way through to their post-release roadmaps. 

Before joining us at Invincibles Studio, Alex worked in quality assurance for his whole career – barring a brief stint washing dishes and serving drinks in a bar. Since joining us a decade ago, Alex has been a mainstay of the team, progressing through different roles as the company grew, before taking charge of SM24.

What inspired you to get involved in game development?

“I’m fortunate enough to be part of the generation that grew up alongside games. From Gauntlet on the Commadore 65 and Chucky Egg on the BBC, to Amiga, Master System, and Mega Drive, through to the journey of Xbox and Playstation. If we had one platform, you knew someone who had the other. Interactive stories that can offer profound experiences. What’s not to love?!”

How has your experience been since joining the company?

“As with any small company – in any industry 0 there are pressures on the few staff available to deliver the workload. And in gaming, there are always a surprising number of unforeseen elements. This brings some hard times, but the teams working here have banded together and found the solutions to sustain a great environment and continued growth.”

What has been your favourite part of working at Invincibles Studio?

“Game design and development is so dynamic and requires such a broad range of inputs to deliver quality that you regularly find yourself researching something completely new to you. It’s easy to digress and this leads to some memorable segues.”

What do you do outside of work?

“Play computer games… My children are now of an age where I can start introducing them to some of the old classics and explore new games with them.”

Favourite animal?

“I’m not much of an animal person, but if I had to pick an animal to come back as, I’d go with a Sloth.”