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Dylan has quickly become a crucial part of the team working to develop and enhance the hit Soccer Manager series. Let’s dive into his journey to become Invincibles Studios’ Community Manager!

Before joining us, Dylan worked in politics, handling social media and community visits for a local Member of Parliament. It was an exciting job, with days ranging from secret tech facilities to chatting with local farmers. Dylan was the brains behind organising these visits and managing the follow-up, including social media updates.

Beyond politics, Dylan is a lifelong gamer. His gaming passion began with classics like Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider on the PS1, and it has never waned. He got his own PC at age 9, which fueled his gaming enthusiasm. Today, he enjoys a wide range of games, from the Soccer Manager series to Escape from Tarkov, Stellaris, and Dead by Daylight.

Dylan’s love for football, particularly Manchester City, is another facet of his life. During university, he founded a club for football enthusiasts looking to play without the competitive stress. What started as friends playing in a field blossomed into a fully-fledged society with sponsorships.

Life at Invincibles Studio

Dylan joined Invincibles Studio in early 2023, and it’s been an enjoyable journey so far, meeting new colleagues and learning new experiences and information! 

What truly touched Dylan was the warm and welcoming atmosphere within the company. The support and friendliness of his colleagues made him feel right at home, and he’s genuinely appreciative of their kindness. For Dylan, Invincibles Studio isn’t merely a workplace; it’s a vibrant community brimming with exceptional individuals. Being a part of this team is a privilege he holds close to his heart.

What inspired you to be a Community Manager, particularly in the gaming industry?

“The biggest thing for me was that I have been a part of so many different online communities in the past, and I’ve seen how much of a difference good community management can make. I look to games like Stellaris and Rust when I think of two games that communicate really well with the communities I’ve been part of. That style of frequent, reliable contact, straight from the development team, is something that I’m inspired by. As someone who plays those games, hearing about the progress of development and new features on a consistent basis kept the game feeling fresh, and built excitement for whatever is coming.”

As you embark on this journey as Invincibles’ Community Manager, what message would you like to convey to our gaming community?

“Get excited! I definitely am, due to what I see, experience, and learn every day. I was brought on board to help communicate with our community consistently, and to establish even more ways to get everyone engaged. One key element of the Invincibles Studio community is that everyone is welcome: all levels of football expertise, all types of gaming experience and preference, and supporters of every team globally, large and small! We’ve got a few plans up our sleeves for how to go about this, so I’d definitely say everyone in our community should be excited about the things that will take place   over the coming weeks, months, and years!”