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Arteta Photo Shoot

This month, the Invincibles Marketing Team finally witnessed hundreds of hours’ worth of hard work come into fruition.

The long-anticipated media day with our Global Ambassador, Mikel Arteta, finally arrived. Our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Kevin Kirwan, headed down to St Alban’s to preside over our yearly photoshoot and filming session with Mikel. He was joined by our Creative Media Manager Glen Ratcliffe, our User Interface Designer, Conor Evans, and Chris Lawson, our User Acquisition Manager.

As well as securing any photos and footage needed for our Soccer Manager Series, the day was also a superb opportunity to link up, once again, with many of our previous collaborative partners and to make new affiliations too.

As you may have seen, our social media channels have been booming with content from some very prominent influencers from the footballing world, who each made the journey to test their skills against those of Mikel.

We are delighted to share the footage of these meetings with everyone!

Check out the full promotional videos here:

Theo Baker

The F2 Freestylers

Ben Nuttall


Liv Cooke

A day to remember!