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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions across all of our community platforms.

If your question isn’t answered, please contact us.

Invincibles Studio will not be releasing SM23 on Steam. This is so that we can focus our efforts on making the game the very best it can be across our mobile platforms.
This decision is final.

On average, a new update is scheduled roughly every 2-5 weeks. There will be no definite dates given out to individual players on any of our social media platforms.

Please send a bug report. This action can be found within the help section in the app. Please do not report bugs via social media.

Unfortunately, our app requires an internet connection at all times to work for several reasons, most notably so you can gain rewards via our reward ad system, and for you to gain boosts and credits.

As our saves are stored locally on your phone or device, the save file can not be copied or carried over to a different phone or device.

Due to the bugs this could introduce to your save file, you are currently unable to return to a club that you previously managed, however we may look into this idea for future iterations of our game. 

If you have a suggestion for the game, please join our Discord server by clicking the following link:   and make your suggestions in the relevant channel.

Please bear in mind that, due to the number of suggestions we receive, you may not receive a personal response to your suggestions but please be assured that they are read.