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The Invincibles Team Kick-On for SpecialEffect

The Invincibles Team Kick-On for SpecialEffect On Friday, May 5th, the Invincibles Studio football team got their boots on and hit the astroturf for a very special cause: raising money for SpecialEffect at the Liverpool Fives Football Tournament. SpecialEffect is a charity that helps people with disabilities to play videogames to the very best of […]

A Day at the Races for Invincibles Studio

A Day at the Races for Invincibles Studio For our latest Funtime Friday on the 14th of April, over twenty members of our studio enjoyed a day out at Aintree Racecourse for 2023’s Grand National Ladies Day. It may have been a wet and windy day, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits as we made […]

The Invincibles Take to the Ice!

Fun Time Friday Curling

The Invincibles Take to the Ice! The latest Friday treat for our talented team took a few of the staff out of their comfort zones.  Our budding Invincibles Olympians slid onto the ice at The Flower Bowl in Preston and skidded headlong into a learning curve involving sheets, stones and concentric circles. That’s right, the […]


SM 23 Booming

SM23 is BOOMING! Invincibles Studio have had a superb 2022 and are delighted to share some of their headline figures from their most successful launch within the SM series to date. SM 22, launched in September 2021, achieved a total of 6.95 million downloads across the year. SM23, launched in September 2022, achieved 4.47 million downloads in […]

Bowling for Victory!

Fun Time Friday Bowling

Bowling for Victory! The Invincibles team trooped merrily along for their latest, monthly paid treat on Friday 4th November. This month’s treat was another sporting test of mettle but this time, the bowling alley became the battle ground. As usual, good banter and even better skills were the order of the day and the teams […]

Mikel Fever!

Arteta Photo Shoot

Mikel Fever! This month, the Invincibles Marketing Team finally witnessed hundreds of hours’ worth of hard work come into fruition. The long-anticipated media day with our Global Ambassador, Mikel Arteta, finally arrived. Our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Kevin Kirwan, headed down to St Alban’s to preside over our yearly photoshoot and filming session with Mikel. He […]

“Millions” is the Word

SM 23

“Millions” is the Word Wow! What a fortnight! Soccer Manager 2023 launched just two weeks ago and  the team could not be more proud of the success the game has achieved in this short time. The game has seen exponential growth and now boasts over 1.5 million users who, over the course of the last […]

Invincibles Studio Launches Soccer Manager 2023!

SM 23 Launch

Invincibles Studio Launches Soccer Manager 2023! The wait is finally over as Invincibles Studio releases the latest iteration  of its flagship series, Soccer Manager 2023.  Hugely anticipated by its loyal fans, Soccer Manager 2023 is particularly exciting; a range of new features and high profile professional partnerships ensure that the game is the very best […]

Invincibles take on Golf

Fun Time Friday Golf

Invincibles take on Golf Golfing in Lytham with “a few pints” afterwards was this month’s choice of paid fun for the team at Invincibles studio. Lots of fun was had on this occasion, as well as a range of emotional displays from some players, including a classic club throw, a few shanks and a rather […]

Looking Back as we Move Forward

Old SM Game

Looking Back as we Move Forward “Gradualism in biology has to do with the evolution of a species. You can think of it as slow and steady. By definition, gradualism is the small, consistent changes within an organism that take place over time to give a species an advantage.” ( The team here at Invincibles […]